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Diabetes Affects Eyesight

Diabetes Affects Eyesight | Southern Vitreoretinal Associates

Diabetes Affects Eyesight

Diabetes affects your eyes when your blood glucose level is too high. While in the short term you are not likely to have vision loss from high blood sugar, you may have blurry vision for a few days or even weeks following changes to your diabetes care plan or medications.

Diabetes affects eyesight due to high blood sugar causing serious damage to blood vessels throughout your body. High levels of blood sugar from diabetes affects eyesight by causing the lens inside the eye to swell, which can result in a temporary blurring of eyesight. Blurring vision may also occur as a result of very low blood sugar level and if this is the case, your vision should return once your blood glucose levels have reached the normal range. If your blood sugar levels fluctuate over time, you may notice your vision improves and worsens for periods of time.

3 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes

  • Cataracts
    Cataracts are cloudy or fogging of the lens within the eye which prevents light from entering the eye. This results in blurred vision and glares. People with diabetes are more prone to develop cataracts early in life.
  • Glaucoma
    There are many types of glaucoma, which is a group of eye diseases that represent damage to the optic nerve in the back of your eye. Symptoms start slow, such that you may not notice, so the only way to find out if you have glaucoma is to have a comprehensive dilated eye exam.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
    When the capillaries in your retina weaken as a result of poorly regulated blood sugar levels this is known as diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes can affect your eyes without any early symptoms until you start to notice spots or missing patches in your vision.

Diabetes affects eyesight in ways that are able to be managed, specifically managing your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Early detection is essential when it comes to diabetic eye disease. Timely treatment and follow-up care are needed to protect yourself from vision loss.

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