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Early Warning Signs of Macular Degeneration

Early Warning Signs of Macular Degeneration | Southern Vitreoretinal Associates

Macular degeneration is an eye condition that comes with age and causes the developing loss of vision. It can make it difficult to read, drive, write, recognize people, play sports; compromising your ability to undertake your daily activities. Taking note of the early warning signs of macular degeneration can slow down its progression.

The exact cause of macular degeneration is not clear; however, this condition affects people as they grow older. It is critical to get regular eye examinations to diminish the effects and identify the early warning signs.


If you are 50 years old or above, you need to have a comprehensive eye exam every year, as macular degeneration is the leading cause of low vision in this age group. While there is no cure, its progress can be slowed.

Blurred Vision

As soon as you start seeing changes in how you see people’s faces, objects and color, it is time for an eye exam. You might also notice that you need more light when reading or you may not see clearly when driving. Haziness comes on gradually.

Out of Focus

You might notice that you cannot focus on straight lines and that they might appear wavy or curved. This distortion could be an early stage of macular degeneration.

Dark Spots

Macular degeneration can cause dark spots to appear and make images appear blurry. These shadows which could also be light, make it hard to focus. If you see dark spots or white spots, you should schedule an eye exam.

Early on, macular degeneration causes no symptoms, which is why it is difficult to catch it in the early stages without seeing an eye doctor.

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