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Macular Hole Stages

Macular Hole Stages, Informative Blog by Southern Vitreoretinal Associates

A macular hole is exactly as it sounds – a hole in the macula, at the center of the retina which is responsible for reading and central vision. The macular hole occurs in the center and most delicate part on the retina. Macular holes almost always develop as part of the natural aging process when the vitreous, or the gel that fills most of the eye, thins and separates from the macula causing a hole to form.

There are three macular hole stages:

1. Foveal detachments – retinal detachment confined to the macular area, but without a macular hole
2. Partial-thickness holes – eccentric hole with an inner layer “roof” occurring weeks to months after stage 1
3. Full-thickness holes – disruption of all retinal layers causing debilitating central vision loss

Each stage can progress to the next stage if not treated. When left untreated, a macular hole might lead to permanent vision loss. Treatment is available for all macular hole stages. Surgical treatment for macular hole is an effective way to close the hole. Surgical repair of the macular hole has very successful outcomes. The outpatient surgery is called vitrectomy where the vitreous gel inside the eye is removed and replaced with natural eye fluid.

If you have distorted vision, blurred vision, or there is a black spot in the center of your vision, schedule an eye exam right away.

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