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Macular Pucker Causes and Treatment

Macular Pucker Causes and Treatment | Southern Vitreoretinal Associates
What is Macular Pucker?

Macular Pucker Causes and Treatment

Macular pucker is an eye condition that occurs when scar tissue forms over the surface of the macula. It causes an individual’s eyesight to become distorted, blurry, and wavy; interfering with your ability to engage in your daily obligations. Macular Pucker causes and treatments can vary, noticing the early symptoms of macular pucker and getting regular eye examinations can help decrease its development.

The cause of macular pucker is still unknown by experts. This condition affects individuals as they grow older and usually only affects one eye.

Causes and Terminology

Macular pucker is known by various names, including

  • Epiretinal membrane (ERM)
  • Cellophane retinopathy

Another related term is vitreomacular traction, which refers to the incomplete separation of the vitreous from the retina, causing traction on the macula.


Blurred Vision – main symptom of macular pucker, resulting from swelling or distortion of the macula due to tissue growth.

Floaters – spots that interfere with vision, associated syndromes include retinal tear, posterior vitreous detachment, and/or diabetic retinopathy.

Risk Factors

Most causes of macular pucker occur without an identifiable cause. However, certain factors may increase the risk such as:

  • injury or damage
  • tears in the retina
  • retinopathy caused by diabetes
  • separation of the retina
  • detachment of the posterior vitreous
Macular Pucker Causes and Treatment

Diagnostic Tests and Treatment Options:

To be able to diagnose macular pucker, eye doctors may treat you with two different crucial diagnostic tests:

  • Optical Coherence Tomography: the standard test for evaluating inflammation, distortion, and macular thickness caused by the epiretinal membrane.
  • Fluorescein Angiography: examines circulation and detects leakage patterns. By injecting a dye and capturing specialized photos, this test provides valuable insights into potential seepage and blood circulation.

In rare cases of Macular Pucker, it can cause significant visual impairment or lead to another eye condition called a macular hole. This is a further reason why Macular Pucker Causes and Treatment can be tricky to diagnose

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