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Vision Through the Ages: Part 1 – Newborn Vision

Newborn Vision Birth to a Year | Southern Vitreoretinal Associates

Birth to 1 Year

Birth to 1 Month

When newborns open their eyes for the first time, the world around them is a bit blurry, shapes and colors are fuzzy, like a dream that is still getting clear. Eyesight for them is a work in progress. Newborns can see light and movement, but the details are a bit tricky. It is like looking at a painting that is not quite finished. High-contrast designs, such as bold patterns, especially black, gray, and white ones, grab newborn babies’ attention and help them practice seeing shapes and things around them better. Newborn’s eyes are about 65% of their adult size and they are large compared to their body. They can also see about 8 to 10 inches away.

2 Months to 3 Months

Newborns possess an ability to track movement, even though newborns cannot focus perfectly yet, their eyes can follow things that move around. This skill is an essential building block for their development of more refined eye movements and coordination in the future. Infants can recognize faces and remember faces.

4 Months to 6 Months

As weeks turn into months, the baby’s vision gets clearer. Colors become more vibrant, shapes get sharper, and the world becomes a more exciting place for them. They can see color like adults do but still prefer to look at you close up. At this age, newborns use their eyes (binocular vision) and are working on their depth proception. Another thing that could change is the color of their eyes. This could happen during the first 6 months.

7 Months to 1 Year

Newborns should start moving around more, having better judgment on distances, and grabbing objects. Babies are learning how their vision works when their body moves.

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