H. Logan Brooks, M.D.

Seeing Patients In:

As founder of Southern Vitreoretinal Associates, Dr. Brooks has always viewed the practice of medicine as a ministry. He considers caring for patients made in the image of God to be a blessing and a privilege. Helping patients see more clearly, physically and/or spiritually, is the passion that drives Dr. Brooks to excellence.

A recognized surgical innovator, Dr. Brooks developed ILM peeling for macular holes in 1992. He presented and published his early findings at the Vitreous Society meeting in 1995 and to the Retina Society in 1998. The seminal article comparing macular hole treatment, with and without ILM peeling, was published in the peer-reviewed journal Ophthalmology in 2000. In addition, Dr. Brooks was the first to report ILM peeling success in retinal detachment with PVR, a standard of care which has now been adopted worldwide.

As retinal care has transformed into treating diseases with medications injected into the eye, Dr. Brooks has also been on the forefront. He authored an early publication in 2004 that highlighted the role of growth factors which contribute to the development of abnormal blood vessels in diabetic patients. Dr. Brooks is also the lead investigator of many clinical trials and is well versed in current research protocols. This leadership is helping to keep Southern Vitreoretinal Associates the leader in retinal research within a 100-mile radius of Tallahassee.

The practice of medicine continues to evolve, and “big data” analysis can enhance both diagnosis and treatment for patients. In light of this, Dr. Brooks serves as Vice President of US Retina, a group of over 300 doctors collaborating to improve the management of retinal diseases. The use of big data promises to improve clinical pathways and outcomes, as well as provide both education and advocacy for retinal specialists nationwide.


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