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Scleral Buckle Surgery

Scleral Buckle Surgery with Southern Vitreoretinal Associates

Improvement in Visual Acuity

Over the past couple of decades, scleral buckle has been used as a treatment to surgically repair the detached retina, as it is designed for the Improvement of Visual Acuity. The scleral buckle (flexible band) is placed around the white part of your eye or the sclera, which provides support to the retina tear from behind. It also counteracts the forces responsible for pulling the retina out of place. The doctor may also drain the fluid under your retinal detachment to help the retina get back into its normal position. It is important to note that scleral buckle surgery is normally performed in an operating room.

With retinal detachment, it is important to seek help right away. People can lose their eyesight permanently within days or several hours of detachment. Here are some reasons why you might need scleral buckle surgery because of retinal detachment:

  • Age
  • History of cataract surgery
  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Presence of diabetes
  • Other eye conditions

Retinal Detachment typically occurs spontaneously in most cases, but eye trauma can also be a potential cause.

Recovery time for Scleral Buckle Surgery

The recovery times after scleral buckle surgery can very. Most individuals’ recovery time is two to four weeks, while others are at least several months.

Success Rate of Scleral Buckle Surgery

Scleral Buckle Surgery for retinal detachment has shown a great success rate. It has a success rating from 80% to 90%, depending on how severe the detachment was. It is also important to know that the scleral buckle procedure is usually permanent unless the retinal detachment is minor. A temporary buckle will be placed and removed once the detachment heals.

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