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What is a Torn Retina?

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Torn Retina

The human eye is a complex organ that is essential for our perception and vision of the world. However, like every part of our body, the eye is prone to various health issues. One condition that can threaten our vision of the world is a torn retina. A torn retina, is also known as a retinal tear or detachment. A torn retina occurs when the retina becomes lifted or pulled away from its regular position in the back of the eye. The separation of the retina can cause vision loss if left untreated.

8 Symptoms and Factors That Can Cause Torn Retinas

  • Family History: Family history or retinal tears or detachments could put you at higher risk.
  • Floaters: Appearance of dark spots or floaters in your eyes.
  • Past Eye Surgeries or Procedures: There are certain eye procedures or surgeries that can increase retinal tears.
  • Age: The gel-like substance inside the eye, the vitreous, can shrink as we age. This can cause the vitreous to pull away from the retina, causing it to possibly tear.
  • Blurred Vision: Seeing a shadow over your field of vision.
  • Nearsightedness: Individuals with severe nearsightedness are more likely to have a higher risk of a torn retina.
  • A decrease in vision: A sudden decrease of vision, which may resemble a “curtain” overpowering your vision.
  • Trauma: A past injury to the eye can cause a torn retina.

Treatments for torn retinas depends on the severity of the detachment. Seeing a medical professional is crucial to prevent any further damage to the eye. Knowing the risk factors, symptoms, and receiving regular eye exams are essential to perceiving your vision.

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